Our Equipment

Here are a few pictures of our equipment and a few jobs to give you an idea of what we can do. We've never had a job we couldn't finish, or we'd still be there!

Just finished loading fill our bobcats Ready to head out at 34"  wide these buggies can get almost anywhere (Before) Looks pretty Bad!! (After) now they're ready to build a pool Finishing up in the shallow end Shoveling up the last bucket ! like sweeping a floor, start at one end and work your way back They poured the concrete an hour after we finished, very efficient pool builders Thats tight! No Fear! A nice easy access mini-machines Garage access breaking thru the last foot of hard shale hit rock 2 feet down...No problem for this machine Big Breaker a fibreglass pool just installed. Dug on Thursday, swimming Friday (frigid tho!) we dig foundations and additions as well Before Saving the grass and patterned concrete wouldnt know we were there ...After the cleanup! waiting to be loaded leveling out before the gravel conveyors work well in many situations 175 tonnes of dirt went out of here in 8 hours