Full Liability Insurance

& WSIB Coverage

28 years experience

Well Maintained Equipment

Well mannered, safe, experienced operators

Digging Swimming Pool

Excavating Inground Pools

From setting up our traffic signs to sweeping up when we're finished, we take great pride in doing an excellent job no matter how small or large. With over 4000 inground pools dug, we have the experience and the equipment to tackle any challenge. Although we specialize in swimming pools we also dig additions, remove asphalt driveways, recondition lawns, dig walkouts and much more. 

Conveyor System

Tight Access

We specialize in tight accesses starting at just 40" wide. We have the equipment to get into and out of your backyard. From mini excavators, conveyors and buggies to bobcats, excavators and trucks we will quickly and efficiently excavate your backyard.

Concrete and Rock Breaking

Concrete and rock breaking

From handheld jackhammers to 40 ton excavator breakers we have quick access to the best breakers around and can break any concrete, shale or bedrock....whatever gets in our way.

Armour Stone Walls

Armour stone walls

We have the equipment and the know how to pick out, deliver and install armour stone walls on a properly graveled and drained base. We have the right machines to properly place the stones efficiently ,while you watch.

Trucking Services

Trucking services

We have our own trucks and rent extra triaxles for long distance hauls. We can move a lot of fill in a short time!  We will haul gravel for local deliveries as well.

Steel Panels

Access protection

We use  steel , plywood & plastic panels to protect walkways, grass, neighbours property, etc. We appreciate & respect yours and your neighbours property.


Yard Reconditioning

We have a rototiller  that can quickly turn your lawn back into topsoil so that you can resod etc. 


Clean Fill

We always have clean residential clay, sand and topsoil and will deliver it for free within a resonable distance. We can level it with our dozer as well. We always rototill the sod and topsoil and remove it seperately so it can be used to top dress your property.